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What Is A GMAT Volunteer First Responder?

We are Georgetown area residents of various occupations who are certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services as Emergency Care Attendants, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics. We undergo numerous hours of instruction and must complete regular continuing education in valid content areas to keep our certification active. Many members are certified American Heart Association Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid volunteer instructors.

What Do GMAT First Responders Do?

Our purpose as a Volunteer First Responder Organization is to provide emergency medical care in conjunction with the Williamson County Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Members carry pagers and two-way radios and are dispatched by Williamson County. When a call is received, we respond in our own vehicles and carry our own medical equipment to the emergency call. First Responders deliver life saving Basic Life Support care until an Advanced Life Support EMS unit arrives, and then continue to work under their direction at the scene. We receive no monetary compensation. GMAT is a nonprofit, all volunteer organization.

When Are GMAT First Responders On Call?

The First Responders are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whoever is available responds to the emergency call.

What Areas Of Williamson County Do GMAT First Responders Cover?

GMAT responds in the surrounding areas of Georgetown including Florence, Weir, Walburg and Jonah, and as needed as Mutual Aid in the city and surrounding communities.

Why Do We Need GMAT?

With our members spread throughout the area we can arrive at the scene of an emergency many times well before an ambulance to provide life saving care. We will then assist the Williamson County EMS crew in patient care. If an EMS unit is unavailable due to other emergency calls, or more manpower is necessary, the care we provide may prove invaluable. First Responders, due to our spread out locations throughout the area, can usually be on the scene of an emergency within 5 minutes of dispatch time.

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GMAT in the News

We'd like to thank the Williamson County Sun Newspaper for their continued support of volunteers.



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Meetings are the first Thursday of each month at 7PM, except for holidays and special events (you can check the calendar for any changes) and are held at:

Williamson County EMS Training Center
3189 SE Inner Loop, Bldg 1
Georgetown, TX 78626

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